Saturday, May 19, 2012

Taeshi Shark

Had a dream that I was an hazardous materials environmental dry suit diver. Me and one other guy, possibly the guy from The Hurt Locker, had on green H.E.V. suits. Morgan Freeman was the technician on hand. There was also a lady scientist and an old man. We were in the Warehouse from "Synechdoche New York." The old man went on about Freud. We went out to start the job but my partners suit had a leak so we called it off. But the four of us were in my neighbors yard and it was raining. It was flooded with giant, deadly poisonous "Taeshi Shark"* My jerk partner purposefully stung me and the lady doctor several times. I ran inside to check the internet for an antidote as I began to swell up. Then I woke up.

*Not a real thing, I've checked.