Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Swedish Maybe

Had a dream that Brett was hiking in a forest in the Alps or something. He was comically over equipped. including a neck warmer with a big maple leaf knitted into the fabric. He was hiking in a wooded hill in autumn, being watched by a series of cameras from which I had the vantage point. He was hiking with that sense of confidant assurance Brett has until he was suddenly surrounded by a number of Swiss wearing neon yellow parkas and beanies. They confronted him and said, exaggeratedly  "NAAAAAAAAME?!" They arrested Brett and made camp. I was watching from across a river (Although that was just my vantage point, I wasn't actually in the dream.) The Swiss (or maybe Swedes) were all sitting around and one of them produces a comically large submarine sandwich (perhaps Swedish meatball sub.) They were all about to dig in, all aloof, until someone realized Brett had escaped. Alarmed, they all start jabbering in Swedish and running around at the same time trying to find Brett. They finally discover Brett because he's laughing uproariously while playing with a dog on the ground, totally unconcerned.

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